Advanced Technologies in Insulation

Continuing Education Offered

FI-FOIL COMPANY - AIA Provider #J755A 

1.) AIA Lunch & Learn Seminars 

Course Title:

Sustainable, High Performance Reflective Insulation Products and Systems/Course #FIF2016a = 1 LU/HSW

Course Description:

  • Innovations in reflective and radiant barrier insulation technologies; to advance sustainability, cost effectiveness and the energy efficiency of buildings. Meeting sustainable design needs and current building codes to create a tighter, higher performance thermal building envelope.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding all three forms of Heat Transfer, and the impact of Radiant Heat on the Performance of your Building Envelope.
  • Improving Energy Efficiency and addressing Radiant Heat with Reflective Insulation Products and Systems.
  • Meeting Increasing R-Values Requirements of Building Codes at Lower Cost, with Hybrid Insulation Systems.
  • Using Sustainable, High Performance Reflective Insulation Products and Systems to meet Green Building Certifications for both Residential and Commercial Buildings. 

To Schedule a Lunch & learn, contact:

Jan Buehler

National Architectural Program Director

Fi-Foil Company




 2.) AIA Distance Education (DE) Course:

Course Title:

Advanced Technologies In Insulation/Course #FIFOIL2aDE = 1 LU/HSW
Course Description:

  • This program explores sustainability through “Green” building techniques as it relates to the building envelope, insulation, energy savings and heat transfer control. More specifically, it shows how radiant barriers and reflective insulation materials can be incorporated to help meet “Green” Certification and energy Efficiency requirements.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of the impact that three Key Principles of Heat Flow have on the energy Performance of structures from a Building Envelope perspective
  • Learn about the Energy Efficiency Benefits of Reflective Insulation and Radiant Barriers in Sustainable Design Projects
  • Understand the latest insulation technologies available to project teams including Gas Filled Panels and Hybrid Insulation Systems
  • Learn how to meet the Green Building Rating System requirements and Building Codes with Reflective Insulation Solutions for Commercial and Residential Buildings.


1.) Please download and read through the "Advanced Technologies in Insulation" PowerPoint presentation (shown below).

2.) Once you have completed your review of the presentation, please begin the quiz below. Once completed, you will earn one (1) LU HSW/SD.

Please be sure to contact Jan M. Buehler at 863-661-9718 for any/all questions and more details.

Sustainable, High Performance Reflective Insulation Products and Systems – Quiz

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