Working Out Has Never Been More Comfortable!

Working Out Has Never Been More Comfortable!


  • Retro Shield System
  • Retro Shield System
  • Retro Shield System
  • Retro Shield System

Project Information: 

Iron Works Fitness, a 20,000 square foot fitness club located in Hueytown, Alabama, wanted to find a lower cost way to keep their customers cool as they worked out. According to the owner, Terry Brasseale, he was specifically looking for an affordable and efficient way to reduce his air conditioning costs. That’s when he heard about Fi-Foil’s RetroShield® System – an exclusive system that includes RBI Shield™ Ultra (reflective bubble insulation) and Clip & Pin components providing superior thermal performance and ease of installation; specifically designed for retrofitting and upgrading insulation systems in existing metal buildings.

Project Solution: 

In August, the owner had Energy Home Shield, Ocala, FL installed a 10,000 square feet of Fi-Foil’s RetroShield® System. The RetroShield® System effectively reduced his air conditioning costs, resulting in an approximate 15-20 percent reduction in monthly electric bills along with a cooler, more comfortable building. The owner was also able to maintain comfort at 74 degrees Fahrenheit versus the 72 degrees Fahrenheit setting prior to the installation.

“Our electric bill was $5,400 during the month of July. I had RetroShield installed in August and our electric bill went down to $4,700. By September, our electric bill had declined to $3,400.”

“We’ve even noticed that the amount of dust that accumulates on the gym equipment has reduced.” -Terry Brasseale, Iron Works Fitness


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