The Symphony North & South Towers Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Symphony North & South Towers Fort Lauderdale, FL


  • AA2 Vapor Shield
  • AA2 Vapor Shield

Project Information: 

General Contractor: Suffolk Construction (West Palm Beach)

Architect: Cohen, Freedman, Encinosa & Assoc (Miami Lakes)

Insulation Contractor: Skyline Systems, Inc. (Miami)

Application: AA2 Vapor Shield™ Hi-Perm reflective insulation installed as exterior mass insulation.

Completion Date: 2006

2 Buildings, 22-story, 338 units

Project Solution: 

Suffolk Construction was brought in to finish the project due to several issues with the original general contractor, and their first challenge was to collaborate with the owner’s representative and project’s design team to bring the project back within budget.

One of the products that helped them accomplish this wasFi-Foil’s AA2 Vapor Shield™ reflective insulation substituted by the Insulation Contractor for the exterior mass wall insulation, since it installs for about 50% less than the equivalent R-4.2 foam board insulation.

Over a 3/4” furred cavity, AA2 Vapor Shield™ Hi-Perm generates an R-4.1, as well as reflect up to 97% of the radiant heat that transfers through the walls. The Hi-Perm version allows for vapor transmission through the product layers, so you don’t have any concerns with trapped moisture within the wall cavity.


AA2 Vapor Shield

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