Sweet Tomatoes - West Palm Beach, FL

Sweet Tomatoes - West Palm Beach, FL


  • FSK Shield Reflective Insulation
  • FSK Shield Reflective Insulation
  • FSK Shield Reflective Insulation
  • FSK Shield Reflective Insulation

Project Information: 

Owner/Developer: Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp., San Diego, CA

Product Application: FSK Shield™ installed as insulation facing for unfaced batt. Draped over the rafters and left exposed, in both the entrance lobby and above the 55-ft long salad bars.

Completion Date: October 2006

7,000 Sq Ft

Project Solution: 

This was the 99th restaurant in the chain and the first operated under the Sweet Tomatoes brand to feature a new prototype design. The new design offers a “contemporary farmer’s market” look, with a mixture of authentic and new, earthy and industrial. The exterior was designed with rich earth tones to evoke a farmhouse feeling while the entry façade mixes raw materials such as wood, cement and stone with anodized aluminum accents. The inside has an exposed ceiling*, dropped lighting creating an urban like feel and high, barn-like windows to bring in natural light.

*In this unique restaurant design, Fi-Foil’s FSK Shield™ was the perfect fit - installed as the facing for unfaced batt, it provided the industrial look they desired for their exposed ceiling and also met the Building Code requirements with it’s Class A fire rating.

Sweet Tomatoes was founded in 1978 in San Diego, CA and operates salad buffet-style restaurants across the western, southern, mid-western and eastern portions of the United States.


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