Saving Time & Money With Fi-Foil

Saving Time & Money With Fi-Foil


Project Information: 

Benchmark Development, Frisco, Texas is a Developer and General Contractor specializing in the construction of hotels and motels. This particular hotel project – Comfort Suites, Fort Myers, FL, had walls constructed of concrete masonry units and furred out with 1-5/8” metal framing. The initial specification called for 1-1/2” foam board insulation to be cut between the metal framing. This product and installation method was going to be costly and time consuming. Thank-fully, their insulation contractor offered them a cost-saving alternative.

Project Solution: 

CQ Insulation, Fort Myers, FL introduced them to Fi-Foil’s VR Plus Shield Hi-Perm which upon installation over the 1-5/8” metal framing would produce an R-Value of 7.0.CQ Insulation installed approximately 20,000 square feet of VR Plus Shield Hi-Perm saving the Benchmark Development both time and money on the project. On average, Fi-Foil’s VR Plus Shield Hi-Perm can save as much as 65% over the cost of installing foam board insulation (cut between the fur-ring strips), making it the lowest cost per R-Value of all ma-sonry wall insulations. 

“Fi-Foil products are much easier to handle and install than foam board insulation, especially when the project calls for the foam board insulation to be cut between the furring strips. Another local hotel project we worked on – La Quinta Inn & Suites, Fort Myers, FL, also saw the benefit of substituting Fi-Foil’s VR Plus Shield Hi-Perm, as a masonry wall insulation.” 

- Tony Rose, CQ Insulation 


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