M/I Homes Watson Glen Riverview, FL

M/I Homes Watson Glen Riverview, FL


  • VR Plus on masonry
  • VR Plus on masonry
  • VR Plus on masonry
  • VR Plus on masonry

Project Information: 

Builder: M/I Homes, Tampa, FL 

Insulation Contractor: Gale Insulation, Oldsmar, FL 

Product Application: VR Plus Shield™ Hi-Perm Reflective Insulation [Average 2,500 square feet per home] 

Completion Date: July 2010

The Problem

M/I Homes wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their homes to qualify for Energy Star.

Project Solution: 

M/I Homes, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders is committed to insuring that new home buyers receive quality-built homes of enduring value.

Gale Insulation of Oldsmar has worked closely with M/I Homes to help them create energy efficiency building envelope packages that meet the requirements of Energy Star, while keeping their costs down to a minimum. For masonry walls, M/I Homes chose Fi-Foil’s VR Plus Shield™ Hi-Perm reflective insulation, which achieves an R-7.0 when installed on 1-1/2” furring or metal hat channel.

Fi-Foil Company, Inc. is an Energy Star Partner


VR Plus Shield


Single Family


Attics & Ceilings
Knee Walls & Bonus Rooms

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