Fi-Foil Cools The Residences at Coconut Point

Fi-Foil Cools The Residences at Coconut Point


  • Fi-Foil serves multi-family
  • Fi-Foil serves multi-family
  • Fi-Foil serves multi-family
  • Fi-Foil serves multi-family

Project Information: 

Kosene and Kosene Residential, a real estate development company based in Indianapolis, IN, teamed up with architect Wakefield Beasley & Associates in Jacksonville to develop The Residences at Coconut Point - a condominium complex in Bonita Springs, Florida featuring 199 luxury residential units. While concrete masonry structures are relatively inexpensive to heat and cool, choosing the right insulation was key to both energy- and cost-efficiency. 

Project Solution: 

Rice Insulation & Glass recommended a multi-layer reflective insulation because of its superior performance.  Fi-Foil's advanced VR Plus Shield Hi-Perm with Tape Tab is a multi-layer reflective insulation for both new and retrofit applications. This high-performance insulation has expanding layers that separate paper from foil, creating three reflective air spaces. This provides unsurpassed insulating properties with R-Values of 5.0 to 7.1. What's more, Fi-Foil's VR Plus Shield is a green product that helped the developer of The Residences at Coconut Point save costs on the installation of 120,000 sq. ft. of insulation while meeting Florida Energy Codes. Fi-Foil Has the Solution!

Partners in Progress PROJECT PROFILE "We recommended Fi-Foil's VR Plus Shield for The Residences at Coconut Point project for a number of reasons - one of the main ones being that the product achieves a significantly higher R-value for masonry walls. Fi-Foil's exclusive tape tab feature was also an important consideration; it's safer, easier and makes it possible to install more insulation in less time." - Jeff Gunning, Rice Insulation & Glass


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