Studies Show Fi-Foil’s Radiant Barrier Offers Advantages to Commercial Roofs

Studies Show Fi-Foil’s Radiant Barrier Offers Advantages to Commercial Roofs

A radiant barrier from Fi-Foil can significantly improve thermal performance of buildings with metal roofs and
reduce overall cooling expenses by as much as 11 percent, according to studies by the Florida Solar Energy

Fi-Foil's product, Radiant Shield, when installed under metal roofing reduces the high infiltration of heat from the
sun into the building envelope, which is common with most roof systems. A metal roof radiant barrier application
includes a ¾ inch air space. The perforated version allows vapor transmission.

Once installed, the radiant barrier will not permit the roof's heat to radiate into the building materials below.
Radiant Shield used as a metal roof radiant barrier reduces radiant heat transfer up to 97% and radiation is the
dominant form of heat gain and loss.

Heat reflecting membranes installed under metal roofing for poultry, for example, have been shown to generate
more than a 20 percent yield of livestock vs. non-insulated metal roof buildings.

In food storage building applications, Radiant Shield assists in the reduction of the ambient air temperatures.
Radiant barriers also can delay absorption of afternoon heating from the sun into a building until after periods of
peak energy demand, saving on energy costs from utilities that assess a premium for energy consumed during the
hottest hours of the day.

The Radiant Shield in commercial roofing systems provide buildings that are more comfortable places to work,
and can help reduce emissions that contribute to global warming because smaller more energy efficient air
conditioning units are needed for cooling.

A radiant barrier can be installed over the existing roofing materials, when retrofitting metal roofs to existing
buildings, avoiding costly removal of building materials. Commercial contractors report that Fi-Foil products are
tough and tear resistant and they are simple to install.

The results of installing Fi-Foil's Radiant Shield insulation is energy savings and improved comfort. The product is
ideal for projects involving "green" building or sustainable design, since a reduction in operating costs can be
easily measured.

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