Fi-Foil Company Inc. Introduces New Thermal Barrier Blanket (TTB™) System

Fi-Foil Company Inc. Introduces New Thermal Barrier Blanket (TTB™) System


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Fi-Foil Company Inc. Introduces New Thermal Barrier Blanket (TBB™) System for Icynene Classic & Icynene Classic Max Spray Foam Insulation

New Thermal Barrier System Offers Aesthetic and Acoustic Performance


AUBURNDALE, FL., April 10, 2015. Fi-Foil Company Inc., a reflective insulation, radiant barrier and insulation system manufacturer, today announced the introduction of its new and unique Thermal Barrier Blanket (TBB™) System specifically for installation over spray foam manufacturer Icynene’s light density, open cell products - Icynene® Classic and Icynene® Classic Max. “Our new Thermal Barrier Blanket System provides an entirely new alternative to conventional prescriptive and other alternative thermal barriers. The strategic alliance between Icynene and Fi-Foil - market leaders in spray foam and reflective insulation respectively - provides the market with a unique proposition,” said Bill Lippy, President of Fi-Foil. “Our TBB™ system not only provides the market with better aesthetics and sound performance, but assurance to the code official and building owner that they are getting the specification vs. thickness dependent spray applied coatings. 

Meets NPFA 286 Fire Testing Criteria

Qualifying as an alternative thermal barrier, Fi-Foil’s TBB system successfully meets the criteria for NPFA 286 (National Fire Protection Association) Today’s building code requirements for Type I – IV commercial buildings specify that foam plastic insulation products applied to interior space exposed or adjacent to human occupancy, need to be covered with an approved thermal barrier.

A New Alternative to Gypsum Wallboard

Gypsum wallboard is the most common thermal barrier installed today, typically covering the spray foam insulation installed between or over framing members in wall and roof systems. In recent years, alternative thermal barriers such as intumescent and thermal barrier coatings have been tested with specific products and approved for other interior applications, such as the underside of a residential or commercial roof deck. “We are proud to partner with an industry leader like Fi-Foil to offer this high-performance thermal barrier alternative for use in commercial buildings,” said Randy Scott, VP and General Manager North America, Icynene. “Our community of commercial spray foam contractors have been enthusiastic in learning about the performance advantages of Fi-Foil’s TBB™ system and being able to offer it to their customers.”

Easy “Clip & Pin” Installation Provides Aesthetic Upgrade

Installed using a patented and proven “Clip & Pin” component, which has been used with other Fi-Foil insulation systems, the new TBB System offers an aesthetic upgrade over intumescent and thermal barrier spray-on coatings. Plus, the Fi-Foil TBB System delivers 40% sound absorption when installed over 5.5 inches of Icynene Classic or Icynene Classic Max spray foam insulation. The system can also provide additional R-value from the TBB insulation material through its enclosed, reflective air spaces and low emittance air films.

The Fi-Foil TBB™ Thermal Barrier Blanket System is currently available exclusively through authorized Icynene® Dealers. To find an Icynene® Spray Foam Insulation Contractor near you or learn how to become one, please visit Additional information can be found online at or


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Fi-Foil is the industry’s innovative leader in the design, manufacturing, specification and distribution of high performance, code compliant, energy-efficient, insulation products and systems. Over the last 30 years, Fi-Foil has become a trusted brand for local, regional and national insulation contractors and distributors who offer our product and for architects and builders who specify our products and systems. Fi-Foil Company is headquartered in Auburndale, Florida.

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