Fi-Foil 3rd-Party Verifies Recycled Content of Its Products

Fi-Foil 3rd-Party Verifies Recycled Content of Its Products

AUBURNDALE, Fla.- Fi-Foil® Company has independently verified the recycled content of its reflective insulation and radiant barriers for project teams seeking certification under a green building rating system.

Project teams can now download this required third-party report for LEED for New Construction project submittals for high-rise multifamily, as well as submittals for other national commercial rating systems such as the Green Globes.

Builders working on residential or light commercial green building projects can use the documents for LEED for Homes (and/or LEED for low- and mid-rise Multifamily) or the NAHB's Green Building Program. The documentation is also required for regional residential rating systems such as Earthcraft (Southface), Atlanta, Ga., or FGBC Florida Green Home (Florida Green Building Coalition), Tallahassee, Fla., which are commonly used by builders in the Southeast United States.

The pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled material content of several Fi-Foil Company products was completed for the July 1 to Sept. 20, 2012, by R&D Services, Inc., a third-party testing and inspection service operating in compliance with ISO 17025 (Lab Code 200265-0) and ISO 17020 (AA-712).

Verified Products include: AA2 Vapor Shield and VR Plus Shield (16 inch and 24 inch widths); and Silver Shield Radiant Barrier (16, 24, 30 inch widths). The percentages of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content are posted on Fi-foil's website at: Fi-Foil Product's Recycled Content Report

"The product verifications are based on the recycled content of the components used to produce each product and the confirmation of a balance between incoming materials and manufactured items," according to David W. Yarbrough, PhD, PE with R&D Services Inc. of Cookeville, Tenn.

AA2 Vapor Shield and VR Plus Shield reflective insulation are utilized in masonry or frame wall applications. Silver Shield Radiant Barrier is utilized in attic and knee wall applications. All three products provide cost- effective energy efficiency upgrades to new and existing structures.

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