Fi-Foil’s Insulation Products Offer Cost Effective Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Fi-Foil’s Insulation Products Offer Cost Effective Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Auburndale, FL - Commercial and residential builders now have more energy-efficient solutions to offer customers with Fi- Foil’s reflective and radiant barrier insulation products. As potential homebuyers and business owners are becoming increasingly conscious about running energy-efficient homes or businesses year-round, Fi-Foil® has developed a variety of cost effective products that have been recognized for their thermal performance, ease of installation and value.

“Studies have proven that by installing Fi-Foil’s attic radiant barriers in homes consumers can save energy and improve comfort,” according to Bill Lippy, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer for Fi-Foil® Company, Inc. “It also gives the added benefit of improving year-round comfort in areas like garages or lanais which usually aren’t air conditioned or heated. Builder design centers are even beginning to display these products to improve customer satisfaction on building an energy efficient home.” Lippy is considered a leading expert in radiant insulation technology. Through his leadership, Fi-Foil® has developed products that have been highly recognized for increasing energy efficiency for homes and businesses. Other Fi- Foil® products include the retro shield system for metal buildings and retrofitting, the AA2 Vapor Shield for masonry wall insulation, and the RBI (Reflective Bubble Insulation) Shield that is applied in roofs, floors and walls.

Fi-Foil’s most recent product development is a convenient “tape-tab” feature on the VR Plus Shield® High-Perm insulation, which is a three-layer reflective insulation designed specifically for furred-out masonry walls. It is designed to work with metal framing for easy and fast installation, and allows vapor transmission which reduces the potential for mold growth. Additional benefits include how this insulation reduces cost, and meets the International and Florida Building Code. It is available for commercial, multi-family and single family residential applications. Builders can get this product through their insulation contractors and distributors or by contacting the Fi-Foil® Company directly at (800) 448-3401.

Fi-Foil® Company, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest developers, manufacturers and distributors of high-quality

reflective insulation, radiant barriers and facings for residential, commercial and agricultural buildings. Their complete line of energy-efficient products is used across the country by some of the top home builders and insulation contractors.

Fi-Foil® is firmly committed to the principles of sustainable construction, including energy conservation, life-cycle performance, and minimal landfill impact. Their radiant barrier and reflective insulation products are Energy Star® compliant and meet or exceed various performance and code criteria established by national, regional and local governing bodies. For detailed information about the Fi-Foil® Company, Inc. and all its product offerings, visit their web site at Fi- Foil® products will be on display at booth #S11067 during the International Builders Show, February 7-10 in Orlando, FL. 


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