2015: A Year In Review

2015: A Year In Review

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2015 was a good year and we're grateful to our amazing partners and wonderful team who contributed to all the accomplishments. 

Much more to come in 2016! Be sure to check for company and product updates in our News section.

TBB™ approved for Icynene open & closed cell foam line

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"We are proud to partner with an industry leader like Fi-Foil to offer this high-performance  thermal barrier alternative for use in commercial buildings," said Randy Scott, VP and General Manager North America, Icynene.

SkyFlex is a tough, flexible high-performing air barrier and vapor retarder

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Air leakage can have detrimental effects on a building, resulting in increased energy costs, long term damage and compromised IAQ. Fi-Foil's Air Barriers are flexible, for fast and easy installation. They can add R-Value to the building envelope and options include economy and high performance. 

The RetroShield® System is the ideal solution for retrofitting & upgrading metal building insulation systems

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The RetroShield® System, developed primarily for the metal building industry, is the ideal solution for retrofitting and upgrading insulation systems in new and existing metal buildings. The exclusive system incorporates Fi-Foil's RBI Shield, which features our revolutionary reflective insulation technology and Clip & Pin components.

Bill Lippy Explains the Benefits of Adding a Thermal Break and Continuous Insulation

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Featured in Metal Construction News, Fi-Foil President Bill Lippy discusses Continuous Insulation of Thermal Bridges and Fi-Foil's innovative Clip and Pin component, which is utilized by the RetroShield® System.

Watch our new HY-Fi video and learn how to achieve higher R-value in your exterior walls


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