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What do you look for in a home? Besides style, beauty and location (location, location), most prospective homeowners are now looking for an energy-efficiency home that will keep them cool in the summer, warm in the winter and won't cost them an arm-and-a-leg in utility fees.

Whether you're looking to buy a new home or upgrade your current home, Fi-Foil products provide the proven cost-effective, energy-efficient options. What's more, Fi-Foil's products are designed with environmentally friendly, green and sustainable building materials, so while you're protecting your home, you're also protecting the environment.

Benefits of an energy efficient home include:

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs

  • Lower environmental impact (a "greener" home)

  • Increased comfort

  • Compliance with local, regional and national codes

  • Improved building durability

  • Increased home resale value
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