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Building Code Official

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For more than 30 years, Fi-Foil has been an innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance insulation products and hybrid systems. By continually investing in R&D, relentless testing and field research, Fi-Foil products are designed to keep pushing the capabilities of the building envelope - forward.

Building codes are constantly changing and energy efficiency for new buildings has reduced our dependence on the supply of energy but installation must follow design to insure that these codes and buildings perform as designed.

As a building code official, we understand your role to verify that the products that are installed are compliant with the building code.   We also understand that proper installation is important - we are committed to work with our insulation contractors and distributors for proper training and documentation. 

We also understand that 3rd Party Verification of testing to standards; independent laboratories; and review of the product or system to the specific sections of the building and energy codes are paramount.  

Evaluation Reports

For your convenience, we’ve posted downloadable copies of these comprehensive product evaluation and compliance reports here on our website. Additionally, building code officials and inspectors are also invited to contact a member of our Technical Staff directly for any additional information (or clarification) as needed.

Building officials can depend on Fi-Foil to deliver:

  • Compliance with all local, regional and national building codes
  • Extensive testing and performance documentation
  • Access to experienced building material engineers and technical staff

Continuing Education Course Available:

Contact us about our free 1 hour accredited continuing education course on Advanced Technologies in Insulation. This is a good overview of reflective technology and includes information on testing and standards.

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