Today's leading builders understand the enormous opportunity in the benefits of an energy efficient building for homebuyers. As energy costs continue to rise across the country, homebuyers are increasingly aware of the value of energy efficiency not only for reducing energy bills in the short term, but increasing home value in the long term.

The benefits aren't limited to residential buildings. Commercial, agricultural and multi-family buildings all stand to benefit from energy efficient building features, as property owners and managers become increasingly aware of the importance of efficiency for improving the bottom line.

At Fi-FOIL, we offer a wide range of radiant barriers, reflective insulation, air barriers and insulation systems aimed at maximizing buildings' energy performance, while offering your customers a number of benefits, including: 

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Lower environmental impact (a "greener" home)
  • Improved building durability
  • Increased building resale value
  • Cost reduction

For more information and to schedule a session to earn CILB CEUs, contact Jan Buehler at 863.661.9718.

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